Are you interested in starting a FIRST LEGO League team, or maybe helping coach a team? Are you looking for local resources?! Please contact the Tuxedo Pandas and let us know about your needs. 
Summer coaching clinics are often offered - plan on attending one to prepare for the Fall season if you're new to FLL.

Teams get the chance to vote on which competition venue they want to attend, usually via a 1-2-3 rank order. Typically this opens up in the range of October 10th, and closes just a few days later-- so be ready! Have your team registered, and pay the separate VA-DC FLL fee (or make arrangements) prior to selection day if you can. It's all handled online, so watch the VA-DC-FLL Coach's Listserv for updates.Our tournament is typically referenced as "Christiansburg" whether we hold it in Christiansburg, Blacksburg or Roanoke.
**NOTE** Every team should bring 4 copies of the team info sheet. 1 is left with registration, then a copy to each judged event: Core Values, Project, Robot Design.See the bottom of this page for a downloadable Word version of the team info sheet.  Team photos appreciated - it jogs the judges memory!

FAQ & Tips for how things run on tournament day 

Parents may find this useful, too!- Courtesy of Scott Rakestraw, head judge advisor for the VA DC region.

Tournament Walk-through Video (Rookie Coaches)

Last year we did a couple Tournament Walk-through workshop and recorded one. You can view the tournament Walk-Through Video at [35 Minutes, full of great info!]

 How are teams evaluated for Judging?

The rubrics are the criteria judges use to evaluate FIRST LEGO League teams on their Project, Core Values and Robot Design. At the end of the competition, you will receive a completed rubric along with comments. Please download and review the Judges Rubric -

 Who is allowed in the judging room?

VA/DC FLL policy is that only 2 coaches/mentors and 1 historian are allowed with the team in the judging room. A team can opt not to have any adults in the room. Please advise your historian (photos/videos) to stay in front of the judges table. When possible, there will be seats for adults behind the team (or at least out of line of sight of the team).

 No animals are allowed at tournaments with the exception of a working service animal. No live animals should be used as part of a project presentation.

 Can we show a video for project instead of presenting?

No, the presentation must be live. You can reference a video but the presentation must be live.

 Can we leave materials with the judges? (new this year)

Only the Team Information Sheet.  Judges have limited to no time to review supplemental material.

 Can I judge at a tournament if I am coaching?

Yes, except for the tournament/division you coaching. Judging is the best way to help your team succeed.

 Have additional questions related to judging, email Please allow a 2 to 3-day response time.

 Scott Rakestraw, VA-DC Head Judge Advisor

Henry Bass,
Oct 8, 2018, 7:21 AM